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Walgreens Breaks Fundraising Record!

During a CMN fundraising campaign in September, local Walgreens stores raised over $68,000 for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals! Way to go!

Over 100 Walgreens locations across the Bay Area rallied behind our patients and families during the 2-week campaign. Their enthusiasm and hard work this year led to their biggest fundraising total to date! We are so thankful to every store for their commitment and support!

A special shout-out to the top 5 stores in the Bay Area market this year:

Store Address City State Zip Total
3185 825 Market St. San Francisco CA 94103  $           2,501.27
890 135 Powell St. San Francisco CA 94102  $             2,289.69
7043 459 Powell St. San Francisco CA 94102  $             1,661.85
324 216 Westlake Ctr. Daly City CA 94015  $             1,488.32
3297 3093 Marlow Rd Santa Rosa CA 95403  $             1,383.72


Thank you, Walgreens, for giving back to our hospitals and ensuring that every child receives the best possible care!